After 10 years of installing machines and after sales service, on many different types of machine tools and assembly lines in China, with very satisfied customers, we, at BMAS, have decided to expand and improve our service and our company, offering our Italian and European clients the service of installation and implementation of Automation including the robotics involved and PLC in their machines in China.


With the help of current clients’ feedback and suggestions, and the market’s demand for the increment of automation 4.0 in China, it’s been roughly a year since we have worked on this project and we can now provide this new service and technology in the field of Production and Logistics.


For this matter, BMAS has come to certain agreements with a Chinese Robot manufacturing company  (the leader in this sector) and has assembled a team of Chinese specialized suppliers, directly supervised by us, with experience in the field of automation with robot and installation on machines.


This team’s objective is to improved Productivity, Quality and Safety of the system. We can guarantee from today, to be able to provide an Upgrade of Automation PLC and Robot on the 4.0 System in the Chinese market, on your Italian and European Brands, in different sectors and different kinds of Machines. 

For Mobile Users

We are able to :

- Equip new machines from Europe with automatic Loading and Unloading.

- Engineering

- Equipment of Grippers, different hand (robot) functions according to the Clients’ request

- Saving transportation costs from Europe

- Immediate spare parts availability 

- Reduced costs of waiting

- Design and engineering systems of loading and unloading with the use of robots of existing machines

- Saving both manufacturing time and labor costs                                                                                                

- Design and realization of interface between machine in question and the new system

I prodotti su cui possiamo operare sono :


SIEMENS – FANUC - BOSCH Rexroth – GSK Servo 

GSK Robotic 

 Design PLC/ CNC – Start-up

Drivers – servo motor   

Robot from 3 kg to 165 Kg for all applications    


Certainly with your technology and our support in China, together we can obtain excellent results, as that is what we always aim for and achieve.