To celebrate 10 years of work in China with our customers


After 10 years of installing machines and after sales service, on many different types of machine tools and assembly lines in China, with very satisfied customers, we, at BMAS, have decided to expand and improve our service and our company, offering our Italian and European clients the sales service of their machinery in China.


With the help of current clients’ feedback and suggestions, it has been a year that we are working on this Project and we now can suggest this new service to you.


For this matter, BMAS assembled a sales team of Chinese salesmen, supervised directly by us, the members of this Team have experience in the sales field of machinery, with a wide sales network. We are certain to say that we can introduce Italian and European Brands in the Chinese market in different production sectors according to the type of Machinery.  


Certainly with your technology and our support in China, together we can obtain excellent results, as that is what we always aim for and achieve. 

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At the moment we are following machinery sales of some European companies :

- OTS                 

- LCS                  

- Lazzero          

- Faspar            

- ZANI          

- BTB Transfer

- Crippa

- Make

- Belotti

- Sarmat

- S.A.M.Ind

- BFR Meccanica

- GST Machinery

- Gasparini


- Elmec

- Scotti

- Uniendo


- ST


- Assembly Machines for Small Components

- Assembly Lines (Automation)

- Leaking Test Machines

- Lines Slitting and Cutting Length

- Press Machines

- Transfer Machines

- Tube Bending Machines

- Machine Tools

- Milling Machines and CNC Machining Centres  

- Machines and Production Lines

- Assembly Lines and Special Industrial Machines

- Medium-Heavy Precision Machinery 

- Innovative Technology for Metal Packaging 

- Roll Forming Machine Systems for Metal Sheet Industry

- Machine Tools and Mechanical Grinding Solutions

- Assembling and Testing Machines

- Machine Tools

- Automation and Moulding

- Import/Export and Warehouse

- Blow Moulding Machines 

- Service & Consulting company dedicated to the support of Italian companies towards the

  Chinese Market